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Ludwig Wittgenstein

Philosophy, Psychology, and Social Sciences

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Jacobus commented as follows on December 13th @ 09:29:23am:

MBTI-wise there's nothing Te or Fi (or Ne or Si, for that matter) about him. Look at what he wrote in his journals, in correspondences, etc.

"The World and Life are one. Physiological life is of course not "Life". And neither is psychological life. Life is the world.
Ethics does not treat of the world. Ethics must be a condition of the world, like logic.
Ethics and Aesthetics are one."
"It is true: Man is the microcosm:
I am my world."
"Frazer's account of the magical and religious views of mankind is unsatisfactory; it makes these views look like errors."

The thinkers he admired most were NF types (in both MBTI and Socionics): Kierkegaard, Dostoevsky, Augustine, and so on.

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LVNA commented as follows on July 10th @ 12:18:04pm:

Hmm to me he’s like more or less a Ti sorta response to the very Te cannon that’s Anglo-American philosophy. I don’t really see him as being lost in his imagination/contemplative images or something like that. He could still be INTP by letters though perhaps. 

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diobono commented as follows on July 10th @ 08:21:32am:

I don't see why lii> Ili. I am not super familiar with  his work but it's is less about constructing a system and more about deconstructing things almost like it would be a "car engine " in a way. This seems very creative Te to me.

There is not necessarily a Ti framework  of Laws from which a system is created but more of Ni first mental imagery which seems strong to me from what i have read of him. He did rely strongly on mental imagery if i recall and was not overly schematic.  He changed his mind too often to be a lii and  after the tractatus he sort of steered direction in his work in a way a socionics Ti dominant is not  likely to do . For Example Noam Chomsky and Plato who are clear LIIs. Even if their work was shifting in the course of their lives they never really just completely changed direction. Of course this is super hypothethical given i am not too familiar with him.

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Diobono commented as follows on June 24th @ 06:58:13am:

Pure ni-ti that would fit into Idr's Infj like Plato and Spinoza. But would never test as a f at all in any way. (Reminds me of my type that is similar)

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