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An anonymous user voted ILI on February 12th @ 03:05:30am
Diobono voted 5w4 on February 10th @ 11:34:12pm
Diobono voted INTJ on February 2nd @ 06:56:14am
Teru Mikami commented as follows on February 1st @ 06:38:55am:

be nice or ill vote u S too

An anonymous user voted INFJ on February 1st @ 04:21:20am
An anonymous user voted 5w4 on February 1st @ 04:20:49am
Diobono commented as follows on February 1st @ 02:57:04am:

Damn this is typical cp 6 behavior!


Teru Mikami voted cp6w7 on February 1st @ 02:49:54am
LVNA voted 451 on January 31st @ 04:38:27am
LVNA voted INTJ on January 31st @ 04:38:01am
LVNA voted sp/sx on January 31st @ 04:37:24am
LVNA voted sp/sx on January 31st @ 04:37:23am
Diobono commented as follows on January 31st @ 02:23:47am:

No that's type 1 those meanies always tell me what to do f u mom i won't do what u tell me


kawaii commented as follows on January 25th @ 11:49:56am:

I heard 6 is a certified insult?

Diobono voted sp/sx on January 12th @ 03:52:57pm
Teru Mikami voted ILI on December 24th @ 12:22:29pm
Diobono voted 541 on December 9th @ 07:02:48am
A deactivated user voted INTJ on October 14th @ 11:20:56am
Teru Mikami voted INTP on October 4th @ 07:10:30am
Diobono voted 54x on September 16th @ 08:46:24am
A deactivated user voted 451 on September 13th @ 12:14:04am
A deactivated user voted 459 on September 12th @ 09:45:29pm
Diobono voted INT on September 2nd @ 12:33:23am
Diobono voted ILI on September 1st @ 02:13:20am
A deactivated user voted 5w4 on August 28th @ 06:35:56am
A deactivated user voted sx/sp on August 28th @ 06:35:42am
A deactivated user voted ILI on August 28th @ 06:35:35am
A deactivated user voted INTJ (IDR) on August 28th @ 06:35:20am
LVNA voted sx/sp on August 16th @ 11:43:43am
Diobono voted sx/sp on August 10th @ 01:46:31pm
A deactivated user voted ILI on July 21st @ 04:53:57am
A deactivated user voted sx/sp on July 21st @ 04:53:53am
A deactivated user voted 5w4 on July 21st @ 04:53:37am
A deactivated user voted INFJ (IDR) on July 21st @ 04:53:28am
A deactivated user voted INTP on July 21st @ 04:53:14am
An anonymous user voted Exxx on July 19th @ 04:25:17am
An anonymous user voted Exxx on July 18th @ 01:26:56am
diobono voted Ixxx on July 18th @ 01:26:24am
An anonymous user voted xxxx on July 18th @ 01:26:00am
An anonymous user voted INTx on July 18th @ 01:25:33am
A deactivated user voted INTJ (IDR) on July 14th @ 11:43:45pm
A deactivated user voted 5w4 on July 14th @ 11:43:32pm
A deactivated user voted INTP on July 14th @ 11:43:26pm
diobono commented as follows on July 10th @ 04:43:37am:

Yeah i agree with ili-ni. But from what i recall subtypes are actually shifting and not fixed. I don't even remember which theorist talks about subtype. But i do like that description alot despite it points out flaws a little too much for my taste lol. Also the description does sound slightly J. Even pointing torwards F.   So I think my self vote as i-n-low t preference and low j preference is fitting.

LVNA voted INTx on July 9th @ 10:26:22pm
LVNA voted sx/so on July 9th @ 10:25:50pm
fg commented as follows on July 9th @ 10:12:36pm:

Appearance: The intuitive subtype seems balanced, calm, and even slow. Possesses well-developed figurative and associative thinking. Reads a lot and is given to contemplation and reflection. Likes to converse at length, narrating something on various subjects or retelling something which he has previously read. In conversation he is usually tactful, polite, somewhat reserved, tries to avoid being overly direct and critical. Frequently he feels suppressed and dissatisfied by something – either by his state of health, or by being in poor spirits, or due to some other cause. He rarely discusses his problems with others and holds himself somewhat at a distance. Internally he is rather timid, contradictory, and vulnerable, although he tries not to show this. His movements are fluid and unhurried. Sometimes his figure is tall and lanky, other times it is proportional, but he always seems calm and filled with a sense of his own value. His gait and movements are smooth, may be somewhat swinging and wavering.

Character: Possesses well-developed imagination and creative faculties. Inclined to contemplation and passive life of an observer. Often lacks in determination and confidence in himself. In his soul he is an idealist who envisions a beautiful, harmonious, and prosperous life, but is quite passive in finding the means to achieve it. Internally contradictory, critical and distrusting, though doesn't always show this. Subject to frequent doubts and fluctuations. Through his strong intuition he is able to predict the outcome of any undertaking or behavior of a person in any given situation. Often gives advice to exercise caution to avoid unpleasant surprises and troubles. Appreciates old, time-tested truths. Feels susceptible to the fluctuations of life thus he tries to foresee everything; for example, before a trip he thinks over all the details and brings with him everything that may become necessary. Prone to remembering his failures and mishaps for a long time. Frequently falls into melancholy due to excessive pessimism. Though he is often endowed with a fertile imagination and loves new experiences, in reality he gravitates towards stability, safety and security. When he feels too bogged down by the monotony, he gladly takes on traveling.

Farsighted and prudent in the acquisition of new things or changing his way of life. He rarely rushes the course of events and may delay and postpone making important decisions. Thinks through everything in advance. Dislikes activities and undertakings that are risky and require improvisations. Careful, cautious and indecisive in new endeavors. Person of habit. Dislikes unpleasant surprises.

Typically leads a somewhat reversed style of life and has a small circle of friends. Rarely takes the initiative in interaction himself, doesn't want to seem intrusive. Stable in his affections. Feels uncomfortable in new company of people. Polite and easy in communication, but dislikes familiarity and boisterous displays of emotion. Considers excessive emotions just like any other extreme to be objectionable and unneeded and calls on others to be calm and reasonable. Loyal, typically tolerant of people and forgiving of their shortcomings. Shows magnanimity and generosity towards others in difficult situations. Aware of his obligations and does not promise anything if he is not sure that he will be able to deliver it.

Values conveniences and comfort. Can work at a measured and constant pace to provide for a comfortable and prosperous life. If he is drawn to creative work, can become a tireless researcher. Whether he is engaged in his work or domestic chores, he is thorough, conscientious, and carries out his tasks to completion even if he doesn't make it by the deadlines. Demanding of himself, can force himself to do work that is unpleasant and uninteresting but necessary. Finds it difficult to pressure and persuade anyone into anything - prefers reaching an agreement on mutually beneficial terms. However, sometimes he becomes very stubborn and intractable, especially if he sees that a person acts without taking into account his advice or interests.

Tries to look after his appearance and health, keep himself neat and clean, and dress tastefully. Rarely allows for bright color combinations and decorations, as well as any other excesses.

Has difficulty maintaining an inner balance due to heightened sensitivity and vulnerability. Due to his inability to control his moods and to switch his attention to something else, sometimes he is excessively fault-finding and cantankerous and other times too kind and accommodating. His emotions transfer to others. Knowing this, he prefers to spend time in solitude when he is in a poor mood, so as not to regret later something said or done in the heat of the moment. In a good mood, he is a charming and pleasant companion who with his attentiveness and sensitivity predisposes toward trust and willingly shares his advice."

2 (diobono, NiTech)
Diobono voted INTJ on July 4th @ 12:37:29am
Diobono commented as follows on July 3rd @ 08:41:23am:

Typical 6w5 behavior tbh

A deactivated user voted 6w5 on July 3rd @ 08:16:57am
An anonymous user voted INTJ (IDR) on July 1st @ 09:33:54pm
An anonymous user voted INFJ (IDR) on June 29th @ 11:54:26pm
Diobono commented as follows on June 29th @ 10:11:39am:

By functions am ni>ti>fi don't value fe much and mbti te as written in the functions is overrated as fuck Even though i have it decent  and i just use it as a support for a kind of internal argument.  I mean i do value data and stuff  but it needs valid interpretation to support it. 

Also being 541 tritype i think adds an extra ti ness and fi_ness while a 8 a more te outlook. I do kind of agree with fg's infj by idrlabs because i lack their particular set of intjness and am closer in thought process to one of their ni-ti infj types like say spinoza i suppose. Which is nonsensical given that people who are clear THINKERS and deservingly would be t in socionics end up in infj, becsuse they are cool headed and zen i guess? Jung wrote somewhere that einstein had a ni ti thought process. Does that make him a fucking infj? 

But whatever i am still probably intj by  mbti function because it's the only one that fits such a shame i'm not one of the more super cool pragmatic intjs though. OH well shame maybe time will show i am actually like that in a way.  /rant over

fg voted INTP on June 28th @ 10:40:10pm
fg voted ILI on June 28th @ 10:39:41pm
lvna voted INFJ (IDR) on June 28th @ 10:17:50pm
An anonymous user voted INTJ on June 28th @ 09:54:52pm
Diobono voted INTJ (IDR) on June 28th @ 09:54:41pm
An anonymous user voted INFJ (IDR) on June 28th @ 03:09:51am
An anonymous user voted INTJ (IDR) on June 27th @ 08:36:31am
Diobono voted INTJ on June 25th @ 08:01:16am
Diobono voted ILI on June 25th @ 02:38:41am
Diobono voted INFJ (IDR) on June 25th @ 02:37:38am
Teru Mikami voted INTJ (IDR) on June 19th @ 10:50:34pm
fg voted INTP on June 19th @ 10:11:50pm
fg voted INFJ (IDR) on June 19th @ 10:11:23pm
An anonymous user voted INFJ (IDR) on June 11th @ 01:37:03am
An anonymous user voted INFJ on June 6th @ 06:20:14am
Nyx voted sp/so on June 4th @ 02:58:41am
An anonymous user voted 5w4 on June 4th @ 02:24:34am
Teru Mikami voted sp/sx on June 3rd @ 08:34:24am
Teru Mikami voted 5w4 on June 3rd @ 08:34:20am
Teru Mikami voted INTJ on June 3rd @ 08:34:17am
fg voted so/sx on June 3rd @ 02:48:24am
fg voted 5w4 on June 3rd @ 02:48:13am
kawaii commented as follows on June 2nd @ 02:43:57am:

Jesus Christ

Teru Mikami commented as follows on June 2nd @ 01:15:12am:

neither do I

diobono commented as follows on June 1st @ 03:42:42pm:

Lol Don't know if you are being ironic... Guess i am not Ni enough then :((

Nyx commented as follows on June 1st @ 02:49:10pm:

All in 10 minutes.  Ni, w4, 5, Te. 

Teru Mikami commented as follows on June 1st @ 01:27:39pm:

holy shit i was gonna make a joke post about it but you already guessed all my reasons you convinced me you're truly Ni

diobono commented as follows on June 1st @ 10:39:29am:

Is it because i dislike jung  so that means i am not an  N and only go by functions descriptions so i use si (I don't do that anyway tbh) because then i can see that explanation working . But so can many others explanations so whatever.  

diobono commented as follows on June 1st @ 10:29:42am:

lol nice

Teru Mikami voted 9w1 on June 1st @ 07:31:42am
Teru Mikami voted ISFJ on June 1st @ 07:31:35am
diobono voted sx/so on May 31st @ 10:46:45pm
diobono voted 8w7 on May 31st @ 10:46:39pm
diobono voted ESTP on May 31st @ 10:46:29pm