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An anonymous user voted EIE on February 14th @ 06:25:51am
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Lol voted ENTP (IDR) on January 1st @ 08:13:38pm
strawberry crisis commented as follows on December 12th @ 12:28:38pm:

I’m very open to 8w7 but I’d really love to see how you’d justify J for Lelouch

CatttyKittty commented as follows on December 12th @ 10:10:38am:

Wtf Lelouch INTP 7w8? LOL he is the most INTJ 8w7 i've ever seen in TV

CatttyKittty voted 8w7 on December 12th @ 10:09:03am
CatttyKittty voted INTJ on December 12th @ 10:07:44am
Lol voted 7w8 on November 25th @ 11:50:02am
Ryugan voted 458 on November 25th @ 07:48:07am
Resonare commented as follows on November 23rd @ 01:39:16pm:



Fi-suggestive. I've re-watched up until half of R2 and I've already seen a few instances of this from what is certainly his dual as Shirley is ESI (identical to Asuna from SAO for anyone interested).

Resonare voted LIE on November 23rd @ 12:35:55pm
edza commented as follows on November 17th @ 10:10:35pm:

It's hard for me to see Lelouch as EIE but then again seeing some of the people typed as such I'm not totally sure. But he seems to use a ton of socio Te and isn't exactly radiating passion and relying on that. I think the EIE/LIE votes are on the right track though.

1 (Resonare)
Resonare voted EIE on November 17th @ 11:40:33am
Resonare commented as follows on November 17th @ 11:39:55am:

I plan to re-watch the series soon, but from what I recall (it's been a decade!) I think he is indeed EIE, LIE being possible as well.

echidna1000 voted EIE on November 13th @ 12:12:26am
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An anonymous user voted INTJ on October 21st @ 10:42:36am
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Teenage fantasy voted 8w7 on July 23rd @ 05:27:03am
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strawberry crisis voted INTP on June 13th @ 09:15:19pm
Nyx voted LIE on June 10th @ 10:56:42pm
strawberry crisis voted ENTP (IDR) on May 29th @ 06:23:08am
An anonymous user voted INTP on May 29th @ 12:27:12am
An anonymous user voted ENTP (IDR) on May 29th @ 12:26:58am
An anonymous user voted ENTP on May 29th @ 12:26:50am
heathcliff voted ENTP on May 28th @ 02:08:33am
edza commented as follows on May 26th @ 03:34:08am:

Yeah it's interesting to look at it as all these different "sorting algorithms". I do think you could make the argument for him being E in some of them. If you look at it as "excitement from inside" vs "excitement from outside" then he would be E, and it'd be hard to imagine any introverted 7's at all.

strawberry crisis voted INTP on May 24th @ 08:16:50am
strawberry crisis commented as follows on May 23rd @ 08:16:23pm:

Yes, I have to concede: Lelouch would be more introverted than extroverted on the official MBTI testing instrument and working with the abstract ideas of introversion and extraversion would be irrelevant to whether he fits the definition for it in MBTI. The one question that lingers in my mind is whether Lelouch would identify with introversion or extraversion more in Myers’ descriptions of these two preferences regardless of what he would score on the test, but I’m not sure if that’s necessarily worth looking into when the standard that exists to test for its preferences is dictated by this form. I would maybe consider Lelouch an “extravert” in five factor terms and maybe in the abstract sense but in MBTI, I agree that he is best classified as an introvert given what we know. Hahaha, I guess INTP is cooler with a 7 pairing anyhow.

edza voted 7w8 on May 19th @ 08:08:33am
edza voted on May 19th @ 08:08:28am
edza commented as follows on May 18th @ 08:01:50pm:

He's definitely excitement seeking (perhaps the elusive 7 introvert) and that should be something that correlates quite strongly with MBTI E, but in his case I maintain that we'd be looking at an exception to the correlation because the instrument would sort him as I.

Yes you could rephrase that question but then it'd end up being a question that isn't related to MBTI, and even if he sort of chooses the I answer for a sort of weird reason that may betray the test's design it'd still be a strike in I's favor.

Question 4 is in a literal sense asking about ability but it's sort of written in a way that it's hard to imagine was supposed to be totally literal? But I can concede that question which would make it 3-2 in favor of introversion of your 5.

Even if you do choose some of the E answers in these things that we're debating though, the MBTI has too many of these things which create an I cushion that can't really be overcome, especially in the word choice section. Clearly, Lelouch is quiet, reserved, and private. You can sorta see just how disinterested he is in "social" stuff like he just wants to get away which is also where I see him having to choose the "drained" choice when it comes to being around a lot of people.

I agree with what you say in your longest paragraph and maybe he'd get on the E side in Big 5 but I have the MBTI in front of me and it's just hard to see how you can get an E answer there. There's even a question about parties and I remember there being some filler episode in some sort of party scene where I believe Lelouch was disinterested.

5 choices here would have to be changed from I to E in order for him to come out as E and I feel I was actually generous to the E side, and I'd argue against any of the I answers being changed to E.

There's also this weird thing about the MBTI test supposedly being more about internal preferences, but the E/I scale is the one part of it where it's asking mostly on a literal level how you actually are or what you actually do, and it's here that I just don't see rationalizing the E outside of like in the 5 out of 21 questions where I put the E choice.

1 (strawberry crisis)
strawberry crisis commented as follows on May 18th @ 10:21:00am:

The social selectiveness angle for Lelouch’s potential introversion sort of works but is that really true? I agree that he acts more extraverted around people he feels challenged by, but I would also say that he approaches such people over those who don’t challenge him in how he prioritizes involving himself in those dangerous endeavors more than being around his classmates at school. It’s related to “excitement-seeking” in five factor terms but I’m not sure how MBTI would handle that.


I think you’re right about his sort of apathy toward group dynamics, but I don’t actually know if he would choose “people you know really well” for what that really means either. You could rephrase the question to mean challenging person vs not challenging person and his focus would just be more geared toward something else that doesn’t really have to do with extraversion/introversion. I don’t know you can apply that logic to question 4 since it deals almost with something related to ability—at least in the first scenario. I feel like Lelouch’s social abilities are at least typical of someone who would be able to answer the former even though he isn’t necessarily into the idea of talking for the sake of talking. I would need an example for the “often draining” choice since I can’t really recall a situation with him where he felt drained because of being around too many people.


I don’t really like “external environment over internal world” being the crux of my stance but I find it really hard to imagine the presence of an actual inner world Lelouch  returns to after involving himself in all that he does. It doesn’t seem like Lelouch “cultivates” anything from that side of him in a way that I think introverts are supposed to? Like Form M’s questions all do eventually relate back to a sense of openness and involvedness vs abstention and carefulness that I think Lelouch has room to relate to for the former but doesn’t necessarily have much in common with the latter for. Everything Lelouch does to move away from the extraverted options seems to only favor an alternative kind of “extraversion” centered around excitement. Maybe I’m tugging really hard on the strings here but I almost see it like extraversion in MBTI ultimately deals with moving toward externalizing oneself while introversion does the opposite and moves toward internalization (this may be Jung-related compensation but the descriptions here allude to that, and Lelouch doesn’t quite externalize himself through the means those Form M questions ask for but he doesn’t really “internalize” himself at all either. I don’t think Lelouch is “rather quiet and reserved” because of everything he gets into but I do see him as aloof since he remains distant from people he doesn’t care much for, which in Lelouch’s context moves back to another thing he can get involved with. He probably wouldn’t be gregarious or friendly but he would be excitement-seeking, assertive and active.


But none of that should matter unless Lelouch relates more to introversion or extraversion in the end. I’m not sure what he would choose but the placidness of introversion doesn’t seem too much like something he would identify with. I know the archetype we’re dealing with it the Too Smart For You Genius but he seems to be missing the moving away from people thing that comes with that. He’s misanthropic but I couldn’t see him spending time alone unless he really perceived it as futile to interact with people. I feel like his time at school without all the extra stuff he got into is somewhat indicative of him caring enough about having a social life to not move away from new people or detach himself from others. There is a definite case for his introversion but something about actually typing him I seems a little bit off for me.

edza commented as follows on May 17th @ 10:54:53pm:

Well some of it yes, some of it no. Lelouch is seen as pretty aloof I think, and sort of off doing his own things rather than integrating with groups. So he almost has to be the "I" option in the "are you a good mixer?" Even the question afterward, he fits the "too smart for you genius" archetype and shows little interest in talking to people for the sake of some sort off group dynamics. He acts considerably more extraverted around people who he feels challenged by, but this gets back to the "individually with people you know well" which is the "I" answer. The same sort of logic applies to the "Can you talk easily to almost anyone" question. The "do you tend to spend a lot of time by yourself" question is one that I think can lean E, and finally the "draining" question almost has to be I as well, the key word there being "often", but I guess with some impressive mental gymnastics you could arrive at an E answer. But he's the one who would be hypotehtically taking the test and he's just not the kind of guy who would choose the E answer imo.

So yeah, 4 out of 5 of your E questions seem like ones he'd answer I to. Maybe I'll just try to take the test from his perspective, but I can see some kind of abstract argument like "he derives his energy from the external environment" leading to an E answer, so maybe in function based systems the E type makes more sense.

strawberry crisis commented as follows on May 17th @ 11:02:23am:

I thought about his introversion and extraversion thing and I feel like it actually depends on how you interpret his character. I think there's a lack of "definition" on I/E in that you could imagine him to be either more introverted or extraverted and they could both be right since there's enough room to imagine both sides.

I can personally see him answering E on the following, but I'm sure you could also imagine him answering I:

Are you usually a "good mixer," or rather quiet and reserved?
When you are with a group of people, would you usually rather join in the talk of the group, or talk individually with people you know well?
Do you tend to spend a lot of time by yourself, or with others?
Can you talk easily to almost anyone for as long as you have to, or find a lot to say only to certain people or under certain conditions?
Do you find being around a lot of peoplegives you more energy, or is often "draining"?

These are questions where he almost definitely would choose the I options:

Would you say it generally takes others a lot of time to get to know you, or a little time to get to know you?
Would most people say you are a private person, or a very open person?
Do you usually mingle well with others, or tend to keep more to yourself? (he honestly could be E here, too, but I imagine this to be something he could be conflicted with)

I feel like most of his introverted traits would stem from his "secrecy" but everything else about him seems so external. His wikia page describes him as a "sociable, likeable, and often easygoing student," and while they call it a mask, there is something sort of inherently extraverted about how he seems to be defined by all the images he projects onto the world. You never know the real Lelouch, but the Lelouch behind all of those facades is one that seems so unfocused on any sense of inwardness—the only allusion to the opposite is how he keeps his personas separate from one another by hiding stuff but I'm not really sure if that should be enough to call him introverted.

He would super not be J though. The very basis of that ambiguity surrounding his I/E preference is inherently extremely perceiving and trying to twist that systematically-bound letter around him would never work.

edza commented as follows on May 17th @ 10:33:25am:

Lelouch would get I and P on the MBTI test.

Not sure about the Enneagram or Socionics thing though.

Khel commented as follows on May 17th @ 10:24:11am:

@strawberry crisis

Thought so but not sure enough - your vote will be my placeholder vote

strawberry crisis commented as follows on May 17th @ 10:10:29am:

Possibly LIE? I'll vote for it in the meantime

Khel voted sx/so on May 17th @ 08:49:45am
Khel voted 7w8 on May 17th @ 08:49:41am
Khel voted ENTP on May 17th @ 08:49:22am
edza voted INTP on May 17th @ 08:45:59am
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strawberry crisis voted on May 17th @ 08:45:49am
strawberry crisis voted 7w8 on May 17th @ 08:45:43am
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A deactivated user voted 8w7 on May 17th @ 05:37:32am
fg voted LSI on May 17th @ 01:31:57am
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fg voted INTJ on May 17th @ 01:31:28am
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